BE READY MASTERS CUP was created with passion for dance, and above all with the mission of sharing this extraordinary passion among everyone who loves dancing just like us.

We want to infect people with love for art by expressing their feelings, emotions and perseverance in the most beautiful form of movement, which dates back many millions of years.

Our goal is to create an international dance tournament, which after some time will be organized in all major countries around the world, and will become a showcase of excellence, quality and great experience for all participants of BE READY MASTERS CUP.

BE READY MASTERS CUP is the perfect place for any dancer who just as much as we do for dance and who wants to develop in this great direction.

This place is not only a dance tournament, it is also a place of development and self-improvement during international dance workshops Be Ready Dance Camp, which speakers are extraordinary dancers, trainers with the most experience and the highest class of dance personality around the world.

is now
on the list of the international calendar of dance tournaments 2021.

Raise your rank, take part in BE READY MASTERS CUP and prove that it is you who are at the moment of your dance path, in which nothing is impossible.

It’s only impossible that you will not be there!

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